5 Crazy Things We Learned About google to learn things

By | October 8, 2019

Parents’ income from Google’s alphabet was $ 32.32 billion, up 24% year-over-year. Net income also exceeded expectations, reaching $ 25.9 billion. The company also faced a net loss of $ 3.02 billion due to the latest tax laws in the previous quarter.

However, Google CEOs Sundar Pichai and Alphabet, and Google CFO Ruth Porat, have shown the company’s progress over the past quarter and all of 2017 to better explain these indicators and potential growth areas.

A more specific number sprinkled on the situation.

The numbers they share reveal where the company is heading and how its “three biggest bets” appear: hardware, cloud and YouTube investments.

1. Currently, Google Assistant is available on over 400 million devices.
From Google’s home speaker to smartphones, tablets, headphones, TVs, and even 400 different car models, the Google Assistant supports more and more devices.

Over the past year, Google has sold tens of millions of Google devices for home use, including Google Home, Mini, Max, and Chromecast. “Our mission to better organize information in the world has been focused on search products and Google Assistant, thanks to these technologies.”

Pichai also said, “The Google CES assistant has been very excited about partnering with consumers,” thanks to the company’s aggressive advertising efforts in Las Vegas.

Caller and 3 billion Google Photos in the New Year.

“One area that really benefits from AI advances is photography,” Pichai said on Thursday.

He pointed out that the Pixel 2 phone employs machine learning and video stabilization, raising the requirements for standard smartphone video.

He also shared insane statistics on Google Photos. Over 3 billion photos alone and over 3 billion photos and videos were uploaded to Google Photos.

Google Cloud brings in $ 1 billion per quarter.

“Google Cloud, including the Google Cloud Platform and G Suite, has reached a significant scale,” says Pichai.

“And we are pleased to share that we are already a $ 1 billion quarterly business. In fact, the Google Cloud data-based platform released in the 12 months to the end of December 2017.

We are the largest growing largest public provider public clouds of the world. “Also during the season, Google exceeded 4 million paid customers with G Suite.

 “More than 1.5 billion people access YouTube every month.”

Pichai reports that this 1.5-month-old visitor is responsible for $ 1 billion “video-related learning input” daily. Worldwide, YouTube has localized versions in 90 countries and 80 languages.

He also notes that more people are watching traditional TV shows such as news events on YouTube. On January 30, YouTube contained 5 million live views of speeches in President Donald Trump’s school textbooks overall.

5. Google’s self-driving car business has recorded 1 million miles in the past six months.
Waymo, Google’s independent automotive division, has achieved “more than 4 million miles in the real world.”

Alphabet and Google CFO Ruth Porat reported in the financial statements. Waymo’s car was “about 18 months for the first million miles, but only six months for the last million miles,” Polat said.

Waymo’s self-driving car travels 10,000 miles on public roads daily.

Porat reminded listeners that in November 2017 the Waymo became the only fleet of unmanned vehicles without fully autonomous operation.

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