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Amazon HQ2 Search Exposes is making america tech world

There is the competition to win a search for Amazon’s second headquarters moved to Phase 2. For many people like my hometown of Philadelphia, it brings exciting verification and begins a new round of intense throwing. But for others, it’s another kind of kick-and-one that can do the search for some collective soul. Why is… Read More »

How Amazon Keeps Your eco active

If you haven’t seen it before, Amazon’s Super Bowl LII commercial is pretty smart. Thanks to a company that came up with a fun way to break up the celebrity with Alexa without feeling too cheap and reasonable. More importantly, a big thanks to Amazon engineers who came up with a creative way to broadcast… Read More »

Here’s Why Micro Apps are a Far Better tool to build app

There are several apps on your smartphone. Of the total number of apps, about 8-12 apps are enterprise apps, which is great. Recent studies have shown some things that need to be taken into account. The study shows that many enterprise apps do not help improve employee productivity. Also, the majority of employees tend to… Read More »

How Start-ups are Making Money from getting out from thin air

Raising air pollution levels in the Indian capital, Delhi, raises concerns about health and the environment. Many major cities are also facing the worst air quality and smog conditions that citizens are gradually suffocating. According to a recent Greenpeace India report, out of nearly 630 million people, close to 550 million, live in areas that… Read More »

How Technology is Engineering to learn better

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives and is no exception to engineering education. Traditional classroom teaching methods in the established curriculum have become history. Today’s classrooms are smart tech savvy classes that attract and motivate students to learn. In addition to laptops, tablets and smart books, access to education has expanded in the… Read More »